Javascript Async/Await/Microtask Queue Explained

const multiply = (num1, num2) =>
new Promise((resolve) => resolve(num1 * num2))
const sum = (total, num3) =>
new Promise((resolve) => resolve(total + num3))
const multiplyThenSumAsync = async (num1, num2, num3) => {
const product = await multiply(num1, num2)
const sumTotal = await sum(product, num3)
return sumTotal
const getResult = () => (
multiply(10, 20)
.then(product => sum(product, 30))
.then(total => {
console.log('total using regular promise', total)
return total
const getResultAsync = async () => {
const product = await multiply(10, 20)
const total = await sum(product, 30)
console.log('total using async', total)
// Just for verification, We still love you callbacks :)
getResult().then(res =>
getResultAsync().then(resAsync =>
console.log('Same result => ', resAsync === res)




React enthusiast, AVID learner

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Aldi Zhupani

Aldi Zhupani

React enthusiast, AVID learner

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